Book Economical Equilibrium: Geometry of Economics offers a new, four-dimensional economic model that will make it possible to realize lasting, beneficial changes on a global scale.

Modern economics is a focus of many people, especially in the aftermath of the 2007–2008 financial and economic crisis. One has to wonder – what’s wrong with the economic system if it breaks down now and then? Should the modern economic theories, accounting principles and financial models be relied upon going forward? Could we devise an alternative economic system, which would be whole and sustainable, and allow a crisis-proof pace of economics? Could we design and build more intelligent tools and models in order to see the big picture and avoid future crises?

Ilya Kuntsevich proposes a model that relies on geometric and fractal mathematics, rejecting the bestowed wisdom of modern economic planning with its reliance on single data points of historical information. By adding factors such as time and space into the equation, this visionary model is capable of identification and possible prevention of economic crises, as well as effective design and management of sustainable economic events.

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